Project Description

Rescuing vision and values

And rescuing an old chestnut they’d already launched with – the fingerprint idea – and didn’t want to re-invent. The task was to make sense of the Vision and Values – becoming employees can make their mark. And to create a campaign that moved away from the fingerprint and focused more on segmented messaging, engaging design and finding a strong concept to carry it all.

The illustrations used new improved (human) fingerprints in a humorous and engaging way. These were able to illustrate how the values would deliver the brand vision and to land very hard and direct messages about each of the 4 values – People, Excellence, Together and Integrity. The idea was to deliver a wide variety of guerilla type messaging and different ways to get the message over to engage different audiences all on the brand message – Better Futures. I delivered headlines, messages, ambient and display for walls, watercoolers and around desks, in canteen, up stairs and even in the toilets.  I delivered film, a learning app, intranet site, posters, wall and site dressing and a manager’s pack that included a pack of cards, each value being a different suit and each suit describing the behaviours and attributes of the value and in each pack of cards was a card trick, and, appropriately, a maths trick to encourage interaction.

Canada Life had launched their employee values using a ‘finger print’ concept but engagement levels weren’t where they needed to be. I was asked to relaunch them, and to bring their values to life, clarify them, make them make sense to the audience and improve engagement. Because the finger print concept had already launched in the 5 UK locations, we needed to take a pragmatic approach so as not to cause confusion or trigger cynicism and not to reinvent the wheel.

The solution was to make sense of the finger print device giving it relevance and meaning. And add charm. I developed a campaign called ‘make your mark’

Segmented messaging – to tailor and focus on each department, shown here on intranet

60 second film to kick off program and used in workshops and as training resource part of digital tool kit