Project Description

Where shall we go?

Membership Club for Civil Servants

CSMA Club has provided a wide range of motoring and leisure benefits to Civil Servants since 1923.

Today the club needs to appeal to everyone from the post office mail delivery van driver to the head of procurement at the MOD. It’s one club that means different things to different people: for some it’s about motoring and travel, for others about exclusive deals, for other the community and social groups. Our role was to develop distinctive acquisition, CRM and membership campaigns

Welcome pack – it folds out as a full scale motoring map with all the attractions highlighted over a map of the UK. To kick off the CRM and membership program all the details new members would need were featured on the reverse.

Our CRM and membership campaigns extended to testing propositions in email. We developed three propositions – the straight one, a membership based one and one that uses humour. The funny one worked best and achieved a 68% click through

The’ whatever you want it to be’ club

My consultancy pitched and won the CSMA account with the work shown below then managed all comms for a number of years until we transitioned into the work above, ready for when CSMA rebranded as Boundless. My pitch was simple: the CSMA offering was so wide that there’s something for everyone. It really can be, whatever you want it to be.