Project Description

UK’s most successful credit card launch

From my back catalogue.

Goldfish was a watershed brand. Before Goldfish, the credit card market was dominated by Barclaycard, and it was pretty dry. Goldfish redefined the sector. It brought humour, style and attitude. It was the UK’s most successful Credit Card launch ever – £29CPA, 1 million card holders in year 1, IDM case study on launching brands. It was so successful it  became a bank and in my 6 years on the account I launched loans, insurance and other products.

I was lead Art Director and then Creative Director on the account launching the brand below the line, writing the brand book, all customer communications in all channels including TV and online, new product launches both on and off line. Acting as Brand Guardian partnering with the Brand Guardian at the client side. Inducting new client recruits to the brand. I won 16 Gold DMA/FEDMA awards for my work on Goldfish alone plus a design awards for card design and ECHO, Caples and the IDM’s inaugural business performance award.