You make Ibiza rock see themselves as a tech company who deliver great holiday and experiences. Their new vision of a more connected world was to be launched at an event in Ibiza to which all managers were invited. My job we to bring this to life. The first was to invite employees to the event, the second stage was to deliver the event.

For the invite, how better than to bring the event to them: to signal the new tech focus I used google cardboard and 360 street views of the venue and hotspots in Ibiza. Delegates could explore the town, and the hotel they would be staying in. QR codes took them directly there. The cardboard invite was sent out as a mailer.

For the event I created the video below as an intro, interviewing the CEO and directing the shoot.  I then delivered EVP activities and workshop materials to embed the new vision, and ensure the message that employees make great things happen, was understood and that managers could then take this back and pass it on to their teams.

Event and embedding activities