My showreels last a couple of minutes each. They cover recent work and my back catalogue featuring digital content, websites, direct mail, events, TV and OOH. Broad sector experience from automotive to ventures with a particular specialism in not for profits, employee comms and financial services. Please view portfolio for most recent work.

This goes all the way back to my award winning DRTV for World Vision.  Also my work for Sightsavers who were a direct client of my own agency/consultancy, Daisy. Other direct clients were SOS Children’s Villages, Family Action, The Charity for Civil Servants and Vision Aid Overseas. These were all won in competitive pitch. My work with bigger agencies is also here – notably RNIB and then some of my work with Parkinson’s UK.

I write the scripts, do the storyboard and direct the shoot. I’m the one who conducts the interviews and gets the story out. And I bring it all together. Featured is the  TV ad I wrote and storyboarded for Parkinson’s UK. See also TV for RNIB and World Vision plus digital content for shelter, AXA, The National Trust…More can be seen in my portfolio.

Everything. Including my Goldfish work which is over 20 years ago. I won 16 Gold DMA awards for Goldfish because it was sector defining in its time and remains the UK’s most successful credit card launch ever (1 million card holders in a year, £29 cost per acquisition – this is all in the IDM case study). So I’m still proud of it. There’s lots of other stuff too.

I wireframe them and keep everything on track and focused on the creative vision. I deliver the creative and keep UX focused on the customer narrative and develop granular content strategies that sell brands and brand messaging.

My own consultancy. Squarely on financial services working as a consultant, not an agency.