DBS and ME

YouTube series following one person’s journey towards life changing brain surgery.  Deep Brain Stimulation is a Parkinson’s treatment that precisely places electrodes in the brain to stimulate dopamine production.  The series follows Jo Yaldren from her first consultation to the surgery.

Each episode averages over 50K views across socials. Episode 10: Theatre 34 gained 165,000 views within 24hrs.

The entire series achieved nearly 1 million views in total. And counting.

In the first episode of our DBS and Me series, Jo shares the shock of her Parkinson’s diagnosis and the impact of her symptoms. Deep brain stimulation could change her life. It’s not a cure, but Jo feels like it’s all she’s got. #DBSandMe

In episode 2, Jo talks about her experience with Parkinson’s, how her life has changed, and why deep brain stimulation (DBS) could be the light at the end of the tunnel for her and her family.

In episode 3 of our video series, Jo visits her Parkinson’s specialist to find out more about how deep brain stimulation works. Having initially being concerned about the surgery, Jo increasingly feels this treatment is the closest she’ll get to a cure

In episode 4, Jo talks about the challenges of living with a chronic condition. Parkinson’s means she won’t get better, but DBS has given Jo hope that, to some extent, she will feel better.

In episode 5, Jo goes for the first of her assessments to see if she’s suitable for deep brain stimulation surgery. She’s anxious and off her medication, but full of hope.

In episode 6, Jo reflects on her experience of the psychological test – the final assessment needed to make sure she’s suitable for deep brain stimulation surgery. She’s tired, but relieved that her work is done. The final decision is in someone else’s hands.

In episode 7, Jo’s mum talks about what it’s like when your daughter has Parkinson’s. At first, deep brain stimulation sounded scary. But now, she desperately hopes that Jo can have the surgery.

In episode 8, Jo awaits the decision from the multi-disciplinary team meeting, where health care professionals discuss individual patient cases. After a long period of uncertainty, Jo hopes she will finally know if she’s suitable for deep brain stimulation surgery.

In episode 9, Jo meets her surgeon and finds out that she can get DBS surgery, and the date is coming soon. This episode hit 100,000 views within a day of posting on social media. Youtube views continue to rise.

In episode 10, we film Jo’s surgery. This episode contains a content warning as it shows brain surgery. We were allowed in to the operating theatre for the 4hr procedure. This episode also hit 165,000 views within 24 hours of it being posted on youtube. 

In episode 11, Jo meets her surgeon for a follow up one month after the op. And to begin calibrating the DBS kit.

In episode 12, Jo reflects on the entire process. and her future. 165,000 views in social. And growing.